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An Ecouraging Word from Marvin

This will probably be the most unusual Holy Week of my life. Normally we are moving from Palm Sunday to Easter planning for the biggest Sunday attendance of the year. This year we had planned a special communion service for families but that will wait another year. Instead, we will have a special online Maundy Thursday service that you will read more about elsewhere in these pages. On Sunday we will gather online again for the most unusual, but I hope most meaningful Resurrection Sunday service. I am overwhelmed by the way so many of our people are making a difference during this time of global crisis. One way we can all help is to pray. For the last several years my friend, Perry Stuckey, who is pastor of Central Baptist Church, and an executive at Eastman, has led our city in praying across racial lines. More recently my friend, Derek Harden at Christ Fellowship, has joined us in leadership of these gatherings and some gatherings of pastors in our community to pray for our city and our world. Now we are asking you and others to join us in signing up to pray 30 minutes each week. You can find information about how to sign up in the article dedicated to that. I do hope you will join us in praying during these vital moments in our history. To be honest, I had already written my Easter sermon before the virus came along. But those words didn’t seem to speak to this moment in history. So I have asked for divine guidance in the words to speak this week. We will look to some of the words Jesus said most often after the resurrection. Join us as we consider his words: “Peace be with you.” I hope you will have a wonderful Easter celebration no matter where you may be, Marvin Cameron

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