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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

This Sunday we are going to begin our annual Stewardship emphasis. You have already heard about stewardship through Cookie’s children’s sermons the last few weeks. I am thrilled that our children are learning what it is to be good stewards. My parents taught me the truth of tithing when I was a child. On Saturday nights we prepared our offering envelopes for Sunday morning. My dad’s final illness began on a Sunday. Thus, the last check he ever wrote was his tithe check to our church. That seemed appropriate for one who had known the importance of Christian stewardship for decades.

This year we will be considering what it means to live A Generous Life. This Sunday we will talk about how we can live A Generous Life through the proper use of our time. Cindy McElroy of our Stewardship Promotion Committee will share thoughts about why she gives her time to God. I think you will be blessed by our time together.

Please remember to mark November 12 on your calendars. That is the day we will honor the memories and lives of all those FBC people who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. We will remember their service in both worship experiences that day.

As our Centennial year winds down, I hope you will begin to pray about our Visioning effort which will begin in January. Join me in praying that God would give us a vision of what our church should do in the early years of our second century.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday,

Marvin Cameron

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