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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

I hope you were with us today (Sunday) in worship. I hope you took a small, laminated card to remind us to Pray 2020 for our church and our world. If you were not here, we will have more cards available next Sunday. Mine is in my wallet in front of my debit card. Every time I see it I will be reminded to pray for our church and world.

The basic idea of Pray 2020 is that we will pray at a designated time each day. The time I suggested is 8:20 PM since that is 20:20 in military time. But don’t worry if you find a better time than 8:20 PM. That is just a suggestion to make sure we are praying each of the 360 days left in 2020.

This Sunday we will consider “What’s Right with Being Baptist?” The vogue today is to be in a church that is not connected to a denomination. All the “old” seems to be baggage which keeps a local group from seeking its own path. However, the lack of connection to a denomination has challenges of its own. There is no history to look back to for inspiration or guidance. There is no sense of being a part of a larger group when a congregation is completely independent of others. While there is a certain nimble-ness in governance in non-denominational churches, it still seems worth it to me to be part of a larger group that works together to be good stewards of what God has given us.

So this week we will think of what’s right with our heritage, our connection, and our future. I look forward to seeing you in your place!

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