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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Today (Sunday) has been a day that reminded me of both the blessings and challenges of living in a technological age. I came home from our late afternoon Bible study ready to watch some football. Unfortunately the cable and the internet were both out as our provider had some sort of outage. I was not happy with technology. Moments later my phone sounded an alarm. I was due to preach at Asbury Center at Baysmont in ten minutes! Out the door I ran. I was heading down Stone Drive as fast as the law would allow (to be honest, a bit faster!). While sitting at a stop sign I realized I could pull my sermon notes down from the “files” page of my phone so I didn’t have to go by the office where I had left them.

Soon I arrived at Baysmont (about 8 minutes late!) Dear friends were everywhere and things went off relatively OK. Not long afterward I was back home and the cable and internet were still down for a little while. Soon normalcy returned and the game came on and I was able to begin typing these words.

Why is it that the same things that can ease our lives can also complicate them when the unexpected happens? Isn’t that “life” in a nutshell? Tonight was a reminder of just how connected (or controlled) I am by technology. What are the other elements in life that can connect or control us?

I hope you will “connect” with us in worship this Sunday. We will think about taking Jesus seriously. It won’t be the same without you!

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