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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

It was a thrill to see so many of you in worship on Sunday. Summer is wonderful but it is always good to see all of us back together when school starts. It was even more encouraging to see the many children who participated in children’s worship in both services. We have a good group of young families who are active participants in our fellowship. I hope you are encouraging people you know to become involved in our children’s ministry. I know they will thank you for it!

Sunday we will go on a journey to Athens, Greece as we visit Mars Hill with the Apostle Paul. It was my privilege to stand at Mars Hill just over a year ago. I cannot imagine the challenge Paul felt as he spoke of the power of the gospel to a society which believed itself to be intellectually superior to those around them. I believe we can learn from Paul’s experiences as we try to express our faith in a culture that can sometimes seem less welcoming to faith than we have experienced in the past.

There are some important dates coming up that relate to our Centennial. On September 10 Dr. Frank Hawkins will speak in both morning services. I know you will enjoy seeing Frank and Pat as much as I will. I tell every pastor I know that they should be blessed as I am by a magnificent predecessor who is a great friend and encourager. On September 24 we will have an all-church luncheon after a single service. You will be reading more about this as the date approaches.

As I type these words I need to let you know how privileged I am to share this journey of faith with you. I look forward to what God will do in the coming months as years. I hope to see you on Sunday as we worship in the morning and share fellowship in a picnic Sunday afternoon,

Marvin Cameron

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