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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Merry Christmas! Are there two happier words in all our vocabulary? The words still bring out the child-like wonder in many of us. The memories of Christmas celebrations of our past remind us of good times and good people, some of whom are now in the eternal presence of God. For the younger generation in our midst, the words bring great anticipation all throughout the month of December, and even earlier these days.

The Bible doesn’t use the term “Merry Christmas,” does it? But it tells the story of Christmas in ways that allow us to use the term with great accuracy. What else could bring a reason for merriment more than the birth of a baby? What else allows us to know joy more than the forgiveness of the worst we have done by the best person we shall ever read about?

This Advent we have been considering “What Can I Give?” In the next 24 hours, gift-giving will reach its height in homes across our region. As you give and receive would you take time to consider what part of your life you can give to the Christ-child in the New Year to come?

This Sunday we will have Sunday School at 9:45 AM and one combined worship service at 11 AM. I will be talking with some of our fine college students. We will sing the songs of Christmas and enjoy seeing friends who have come home for the holidays. I hope you will make Sunday a moment that you will give to God this week.

In January we will begin the New Year thinking about “What’s Right with Following Jesus?” There are so many who will tell us what is wrong with the world. We have a different message. Join us on January 5 as we ponder the good we can do together when we follow Jesus. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Marvin Cameron

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