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An Encouraging Word From Marvin

Every time I watch television I am overwhelmed by the number of commercials I see for car dealers in the Tri-Cities. Some of the spokespersons are on so often you almost feel you know them. A friend who works in one of the dealerships with a very familiar face told me that a customer came in and asked to see the spokesperson and was stunned to learn that the spokesperson didn’t actually work at the dealership. They just made commercials enticing others to come on in.

I am glad we don’t have paid “spokespersons” to entice people to come to church. It might be disappointing if someone came here for worship only to discover that the spokesperson didn’t even attend our church. That’s why I am glad that you are our spokespersons. You invite your friends. You meet them here and take them to Sunday School or worship. You bring them to meet our staff and help us introduce them to FBC. I am thankful for our real spokespersons who do your best to help others know the grace of God through Jesus Christ.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday. It is a reminder of one of the great joys of Jesus’ life as he entered the city he loved. It is also a reminder of the venom that the leaders of the city had for him. We will talk about them and their willingness to do anything to destroy him as we consider “The High Cost of Privilege.” I hope to see you then!

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