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An Encouraging Word From Marvin

On Sunday I asked that each of us do a “Time Audit” this week. A “Time Audit” means simply sitting down at the end of the day to see how we spent that day. How much time did I spend with God; with family; at work or play; and how much time did I waste. Whenever I do a “Time Audit” I am amazed at how much time I waste on useless things. My guess is that others might have similar feelings.

This Sunday we will gather around the Lord’s Table and consider “Are My Eyes Open to God?” We will look back to some of the “too good to believe” moments in history. One of those surrounds the resurrection of Jesus. People who saw him could not believe their eyes. We’ll see how two of those people were changed when their eyes were opened to the greatest truth of all time.

We are moving toward occupying our beautiful new building. I know you are going to love it when you enter it for the first time. I hope we will do our best to open our doors to the community around us so that it can truly be an instrument of grace to our entire city.

I look forward to seeing you around the Lord’s Table on Sunday!

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