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An Encouraging Word From Marvin

This week daylight savings time comes to an end for 2016. Saturday night we will get an extra hour of sleep! I hope you enjoy it and are in worship Sunday as we consider “Opening our hands to God.”

With the return of early darkness we will begin an experiment through the winter. On Wednesdays from around 4:30-8:30 PM we will have an off-duty Kingsport Police Department office patrolling our campus. The officer will be clothed informally but will be easily identified as a member of the KPD. He or she will patrol walk around our campus paying particular attention to the times when our children, youth and other groups are entering and leaving our campus.

Why are we doing this? Great question! First, we have had no incidents which are prompting this experiment. No one has been attacked, robbed or anything like that. However, as our campus grows we do attract more attention, some of it from a few people who have unnerved a few people on occasion. This effort is simply to be a deterrent to anyone who might consider any sort of illegal activities.

This effort has been recommended as a trial by our Security Committee and approved by our Administrative Committee. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we move forward. We will be introducing the officers to you as soon as we have the opportunity. This trial basis will begin November 9 and conclude when daylight savings time returns. Then we will evaluate any on-going presence.

Thanks for your consideration and for all you mean to our church!

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