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An Encouraging Word From Marvin

This week we begin our fall stewardship emphasis. I will again ask you to choose “a word” to bring focus to life in the year 2017. I have already prayed, studied and chosen my word for 2017. My word for the New Year is “open.” As I pondered what my new “word” would be I believe God led me to this word for several reasons. First, we will be “opening” our new building very soon. The word, “open,” will be a reminder for me to make sure the community around us knows that our doors are open to them. I’ll be speaking more about this on October 30. Also, and more importantly, I want to be “open” to God’s direction and will in the New Year. Quite often we can fall into routines and lose the potential for God to do a new thing in our lives because we don’t make a conscious effort to “open” our hearts to God. We will talk about this on Sunday. I also want to be “open” as a pastor. I have tried to have an “open door” policy throughout my ministry. A couple of years ago I changed offices because I often felt trapped in a corner office. Now I can see and hear people move through our office suite. Quite often I get the chance to have a ministry encounter I would not have had in previous years. So my word is “open.” I want to encourage you to choose a word by asking God where there are opportunities in your life for Him to move and speak in the year to come. I believe it will make a difference. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we all “open” ourselves to the desires of our Heavenly Father.

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