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An Encouraging Word From Marvin

Our construction process continues to move forward. We don’t yet have a “move-in” date due to some delays in the re-construction of the covered walkway. If you want a clue as to our move-in date, just watch for the covered walkway progress and you will know we are getting close! We are hoping to have a way for you to use the Holston Street semi-circle for drop-off only very soon. There will be no parking there but we hope the drop-off opportunity will make it easier for some of you to be here.

This Sunday we are going to conclude our brief series on “Building Strong Character” with some thoughts about how we can deal with the so-called “culture wars.” Almost any objective observer can see that this is probably the most depressing Presidential campaign of our lifetimes. It really doesn’t matter who you are going to vote for. As a couple in their 90s said in the paper on Sunday it is a “hold-your-nose” election! That is, whomever we vote for, we may have to “hold our nose” as we do it!

The “culture wars” continue to be fought as we see advocacy groups from so many different political persuasions trying to persuade us that theirs is the “Christian” position. So how do we make decisions as Christians? How do we determine what really is the “Christian” response? Do we even need to be involved or should we just walk away and leave it to others? We will deal with these and other questions on Sunday as we gather for worship. I hope you will be here. I believe we will all benefit from being together to worship the God who was here before time and will be here beyond time.

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