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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Let me begin with a very simple statement of fact: I miss all of you. I miss seeing you on Sundays and Wednesdays. I miss seeing you in the Sanctuary and the Atrium and the Fellowship Hall. I miss seeing you during the week. I miss you! My guess is you are missing seeing other members of our FBC family as well. I can’t wait until we can be together again. As a friend of mine told his congregation last week: “What a day of rejoicing that will be!” Those words are from a hymn entitled “When we all get to heaven.” I really believe when we are able to worship together again it will be a foretaste of heaven, don’t you? So the questions of the day are “when and how.” The answers are not so simple. While I can’t wait to be together again, I know you join me in wanting that day to be one that ensures the health of our fellowship and our community. We will have an ad hoc committee working with us on answering the “when and how” questions. Members of the committee are David Lane, our deacon chair; Chris Glasscock, our deacon chair-elect; Dr. Marta Wayt; Dr. Drew McElroy; Linda Fisher, our Parish Nurse; Lyle Ailshie and me. We are already reading everything we can about the timing and procedures for re-opening. Right now we have no specific dates and plans in place. Our governor is supposed to outline some guidance for churches in Tennessee this week. Our committee is going to look at the best practices for churches like ours. We will be communicating with you regularly as we move forward. Let me ask for your prayers and patience as we move forward with this process. I am encouraged by the way you are responding to our online presence and the Zoom classes you are developing. This Sunday we will consider “God and the Coronavirus.” Where is the hand of God in this time? What is God doing during these challenging days? I look forward to you joining me in opening our Bibles this week to see how Jesus responded to just such a question. THANKS for all you mean to our church. And please remember, I can’t wait to see you! Marvin Cameron

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