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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Sometimes what can go wrong will go wrong. That was the story with our “premier” broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook on Sunday, along with some of our Zoom Sunday School classes. What happened? The Zoom issues were world-wide. One report I read stated that Zoom has increased its number of users exponentially in the last few months. Yesterday we experienced some of their growing pains. Facebook and YouTube issues were more short-term but still problematic. Brent and Danny worked diligently to make sure that we did the best we could under challenging circumstances. We will work this week to make sure we have the best situation we can have in the weeks to come. On a most positive note, our high school seniors did a terrific job introducing themselves. Those who participated through music and the children’s sermon represented the class of 2020 quite well. As always we have a splendid class of seniors who will go on to make a difference in our world. Thanks to parents, teachers, and all who have prayed for them to this point on their journey. Don’t forget to continue praying for them as they move on toward a bright future. This Sunday we will celebrate Memorial Day as we look to “An Incredible Crowd of Witnesses.” I hope you will join us then, Marvin Cameron

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