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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Last week was the most unusual Vacation Bible School week in the history of First Baptist Church. We had a "virtual" VBS in which the children received packets before VBS and received a video each day. It was a monumental task but Helen Kern and her host of volunteers did a tremendous job planning and implementing a memorable VBS. The last number I heard was that we had almost 200 children involved in VBS. That is an incredible accomplishment in this unusual time. When you see Helen be sure to thank her or you can email her your thanks at

We are continuing in the current plan for the next few weeks. We will not begin our regular Sunday School or Wednesday schedule until we know more about the current outbreak of COVID-19 in our region. Our Re-opening Committee has done an outstanding job leading us through this unusual moment in our nation's history. We are blessed to have sound and incredibly gifted leadership on that team.

This Sunday we will consider that we "need a leader who can handle disappointment." No leader goes through life unscathed, do they? Let's think about how we respond to disappointment in our lives as we gather in-person or online.

Please remember to do your best to make a reservation for worship online if you are planning to be here in person. If you can't make a reservation we still have room for you. If you come without a reservation, please let one of our staff members know you are here so we can keep a "contact" list in case we have anyone who attends who might later be tested positive.

I look forward to being with you in person or online this Sunday!

Marvin Cameron

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