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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Our class’ Sunday School lesson this week was on anger and how Americans are angrier now than we were a generation ago. The writer theorized that the advent of 24-hour news and social media contributed to this rise in anger. What do you think? When you watch news for a long time or read adversarial comments on social media, do you feel calmer or more anxious?

The pastor who is President of the Southern Baptist Convention recently returned from a 30-day mission trip in a third-world country where social media and 24-hour news are rare. He commented about that change and the reduction in tension he felt while he was there. Do you think that might change the way we feel? Is it easier to “lash out in anger” on social media than it is in face-to-face communication?

What might happen if we invested our time in doing something more productive than consuming huge volumes of news or social media? Might it make a difference in how we feel about ourselves and each other? It just might be worth a try!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we worship the One who gives us reason to rejoice!

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