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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Could it be that spring has finally come to our region? It sure has seemed like a long winter, hasn’t it? The perpetual rain and clouds have taken their toll on us! It is great to see the sun!

With spring comes Easter, the greatest day of the Christian year. We are less than two weeks away now. I hope you continue to read our daily devotional ideas. This year they are based on the lectionary, a group of readings that follow the seasons of the church. As I have read these scriptures I have been made aware of just how big a price Jesus paid by giving his life “as a ransom for many.”

We have a great day ahead of us on April 28. Our search committee for a new Contemporary Worship Leader will be recommending their candidate for this position to you on that day. Our candidate will lead worship and give his testimony in the 8:40 AM service. He will play a piece on our wonderful grand piano and give his testimony in 11 AM service. We will vote on the committee’s recommendation at the conclusion of each service. Our committee is unanimous and enthusiastic in their recommendation of the candidate. We will not reveal his name until much closer to the 28th so he can protect his confidentiality at home. But let me close by saying how excited I am by his potential and his love for worship and for our Lord. He is a worker, a team player and a person of wonderful musical skills. His wife is a teammate in his ministry both in singing and in encouragement. You will love them as our committee already does. Start praying for them now as we await great days on Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday and April 28!

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