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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Just when it seems the world can’t get any crazier, it does, doesn’t it? The horror of 50 people dying last week in worship in New Zealand is a startling reminder of just how hate-filled our world can be. These people had done nothing to deserve to die as they made their way to worship. They were just hated because of their nationality and their religion.

We don’t have to agree with a person’s religion to honor that person’s right to worship, do we? Some will not agree with our expression of Christianity but that certainly does not mean that we deserve to die while we express our love for God.

When things like the massacre in New Zealand occur my mind goes to one question: “What would Jesus say about this?” I believe he would be in New Zealand ministering to those Muslim worshipers whose lives are changed forever by what they have experienced. My guess is that he would bind the wounded and embrace the broken-hearted. Perhaps that is what we should do when we are surrounded by hate. I hope we never have anything like the New Zealand massacre happening to any faith group in America, but if we do, I suggest we act like Jesus.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we continue our look at the Prayers of Jesus,

Marvin Cameron

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