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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

I just walked back to the office after yet another wonderful Upward Awards event. As always our Sanctuary was electric with the excitement and enthusiasm of children and their families. Upward continues to be a blessing to our church and to all the people involved with it. Thanks to Robyn Wilson and all those who assist her in making Upward one of our terrific annual ministries. Job well-done!

This Sunday we will conclude our look at how we can “Overcome.” We will consider how we can overcome legalism. Legalism always starts innocently, doesn’t it? We really want to keep the rules or live by the law. But sometimes we slip into substituting the rules or the law for the reason for the law. If we are not careful, the law becomes our God rather than God. Let’s see how we can work to overcome that tendency when we gather on Sunday.

I am not sure it will ever quit raining in East Tennessee! But when it does it should be lush and green spring all over. At least that is my hope on this dreary rainy Sunday night. The reality is that spring is less than 3 weeks away and I can hardly wait. Those warm spring afternoons are something I have been dreaming about almost every day. In the meantime, this week we will start Daylight Savings Time on Sunday. Be sure to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night so you will be here on time Sunday morning. I can’t wait to worship God with you bright and early on a (hopefully) sunny Sunday!

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