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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

I want to express my thanks to a few more individuals and groups this week. There are so many people who do so much good here, but a few are on my mind on this cold Sunday!

Dianne Pope and all her loyal HUGG (Healing Under God’s Grace) visitors who bless our homebound members with their presence once a month. These volunteers truly are the “hands and feet of Christ” to people who can’t be in worship. They take your love with them every month to those who can only hear us on the radio or see us on Facebook Live. Thanks to Dianne and all her great team!

I also want to thank our Traditional Worship musicians. Susan does a magnificent job leading our Sanctuary Choir as they lead us in worship every Sunday. Brandon Woods is an outstanding leader of our FBC Orchestra. Carrie Upshaw does a splendid job at the piano. Our team of organists, including John Lawrence and Leslie Rawles add so much to us. And you, the congregational choir, top everything off with your praise! Thanks to all of you for making that service a joy, just as our early service team does at 8:40 AM.

Finally, I want to say “thanks” to Robyn Wilson and the entire Upward team. We are having a superb year of Upward. I enjoy walking through the gym on practice nights and game days seeing caring adults coach enthusiastic young people as they learn about basketball and our Christian faith. Thanks to all for a job very well done.

This Sunday is Youth Sunday. You will get to see the outstanding group of young people we have leading worship. I hope you will be here as we share around the Lord’s table as well. Say a prayer this week for all our youth as they make their way through these pivotal years. See you then!

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