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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Thanksgiving 2018 is now a memory. But for hundreds of people in our city it is a much brighter memory because of the efforts put forth by many of you. You sacrificed your time and energy to help others enjoy a special day.

Special thanks go to Ardy and Mary Ardemagni and their entire committee for their planning. The “kitchen crew” never stopped working all day long. The “Tuesday” crew decorated the Fellowship Hall with love. One of our staff members, Helen Kern deserves special thanks for driving one of the buses while Danny Norrell drove the other one, bringing people who could not get here otherwise. I could go on, but it would take pages to thank everyone who gave selflessly in the spirit of Thanksgiving. We will not know the impact your efforts made, but I am sure it was significant. THANKS to all of you for a job well-done.

This week we move into Advent. Our theme this Advent is “An Imperfect Christmas.” So many in our culture strive to have a “perfect” Christmas. The stress becomes overwhelming. So we will look to the first Christmas and see just how “imperfect” it was. I hope you will be here every Sunday during this special season. I know our Christmas celebrations will be enriched by our time together. See you Sunday!

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