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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Someone commented to me recently that “thank you notes” have fallen out of style in some segments of our culture. I remember well how my mother instructed in the art of writing them. Though my handwriting is often less-than-desirable, she instilled in me the thought that gratitude should always be expressed in writing. Many of you know what I mean.

This Thanksgiving would you ponder an idea with me? If you wrote a “thank you note” to God what would you include? I would probably start the list with my family. I am writing these words on a spectacular November Sunday afternoon in East Tennessee. That would surely have to be on my list. Scores of friends’ names would be there as well. The chance to enjoy sporting events would be on my list. The music of both of our services would be there.

That is just a starter list. This Thanksgiving, would you write, or at least ponder, a “thank you note” to God? When you do I hope you will realize that all of you are on my list already.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Marvin Cameron

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