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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

We had a splendid day of worship on Sunday as our friends, Dave and Nancy Clines, were back home with us. In the coming months Dave and I are going to be talking about how we can play a role in their work in Panama City and in other venues around the world. I hope you will be praying about how you might be involved in missions, whether here in Kingsport, in the USA or somewhere else on God’s earth. We have enormously gifted people in this fellowship. I hope we can continue to have an impact on the world around us.

This Wednesday we will have a business meeting to hear the presentation of our Proposed 2019 Church Budget. I hope you will be present to hear the good things that are happening in our midst because of your faithful stewardship. I am constantly blessed by the way you support our church and God’s work here in our city. Then on Sunday we will vote on the Proposed 2019 Church Budget. Also on Sunday we will take a time-out from our Visioning process to revisit one more “Respectable Sin,” that of judging. It may be the one we are most likely to have in our lives. This week take time to see just how often we unconsciously make ourselves judges of others.

We had a marvelous FBC 101 group on Sunday. More than 40 people joined us to learn more about our church. They have great gifts to add to those we already have. God is giving us an opportunity to make a difference here and around the world. I join you in praying we will do just that. I’ll see you on Sunday,

Marvin Cameron

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