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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

Today I need to share with you the news that Donna Castle is retiring as our church’s Financial Coordinator. Donna has served faithfully in this role for 23 years. Throughout that time Donna has been a conscientious, loyal and dependable member of our church’s staff. Though she is an active member of a sister church here in town, Donna has become part of our First Baptist Church family.

I applaud Donna for many reasons, not the least being her determination. She has faced health challenges that would have kept many of us from working over the last few years but Donna has valiantly kept up the good fight. She is the first one here in the morning and is often here late into the evening during budget preparation time. Donna has done her best to insure that the moneys you give to the Lord’s work are properly spent and accounted for.

Donna and her husband, Jim, have become friends to our family and our church. I joyously remember them joining others of us on a Holy Land pilgrimage a few years ago. The entire group enjoyed fellowship with the Castles.

Our Administrative Committee will begin making plans on how to move forward. In the meantime, Ginger Edwards has been working overtime to keep our financial house in order, with Donna’s help by phone as she continues to recuperate.

Donna has graciously declined a retirement reception because she doesn’t like the limelight. So these words are a thank-you to her along with a retirement gift from our church. Thanks, Donna, for a job well-done! We will miss you but remain grateful for your service to the Lord and our church.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as David and Nancy Clines join us from Panama,

Marvin Cameron

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