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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

This Sunday we begin a series of encounters with the Bible as we look to “Questions people asked Jesus.” What sort of questions would you have asked Jesus had you been on earth during his ministry? Many of us have spoken of questions we would like to ask God once we are in his eternal presence. But what about during the time of the ministry of Jesus? He certainly seemed approachable from the scriptures. People of all types approached him and asked him about life.

This week we begin with the most pertinent question for them and for us. The question is this: “Are you God’s son?” That is a pretty daunting question to ask, isn’t it? It is the question that he answered not just with words, but with deeds that few people could ever imagine.

I hope you will be present every time you are in town as we see how Jesus answered these questions. If you can’t join us in person, join us on one of our streaming platforms. I really believe the answers Jesus gave can change our lives.

By the way, are you praying for our church at 20:20 every night? That’s 8:20 PM in military time. Set your phone or clock to remind you to pray for FBC every night. I am doing that wherever I am. It is a quiet reminder of our need to pray and God’s blessings for us as a church and as individuals. See you Sunday!

Marvin Cameron

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