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An Encouraging Word from Marvin

What a great day we had in our first “Blessing of the Backpacks” back-to-school Sunday. It was thrilling to see the number and quality of students who came to the front in each service for us to pray for them. It was equally encouraging to see the number of teachers and administrators who stood throughout the Sanctuary. I pray we have a tremendous school year in our school systems and in our church. This Sunday we will begin a new series of sermons entitled “Respectable Sins.” My impression is that so often when we discuss sins, we do so while looking at the sins of others, perhaps people who are far from God. The harsh reality is that the Bible is spot on when it reminds us that “all have sinned and fallen short of the kingdom of God.” This Sunday we will look to the first of these “Respectable Sins,” as we deal with one that troubles me most days. We will look at the problems we face with “impatience.” I look forward to seeing you in your place as we gather to worship God in both services. Thanks for your faithfulness in attendance and stewardship this summer. Now let’s build momentum for the remainder of the year, Marvin Cameron

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