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An Encouraging Wordvfrom Marvin

What an incredible AmazinGrace we had on Sunday evening. Allison Jones and her tremendous group of volunteers were wonderful. The organization of the race was impeccable. The encouragement of all present was a reflection of grace that extends beyond our congregation to our entire community. THANKS to all who participated, worked, volunteered, prayed and played any part in our 11th annual AmazinGrace. Job well-done!

Sunday is Mother’s Day. We will speak together about “The Endurance of a Mother.” I hope you will join us for a special day of worship as we remember those who have given us life and sustain us, some from the presence of the Lord.

I hope you are praying about your part in our church’s vision. On May 19 you will have the opportunity to learn more about any of the five-yearly visions that take us from 2019-2023. These are important for the future of our church. Please look over the vision teams in this newsletter and pray about your participation.

Thanks for being a church which cares!

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