College is not a time where you walk away from your faith. It is not a period of life that is waiting for a family or a full-time job to begin to live for Christ. College students have a unique opportunity to mature and grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a whole new way for four, maybe five, and some even six years. We believe that this unique moment should not be squandered but cultivated. Our college ministry seeks to grow and challenge students to take hold of their faith, the Bible, and service in a new and invigorated way.


Each year college students from FBC travel to the Bronx in New York City to work with Graffiti 2 Church. Graffiti 2 Church puts on a sports camp for children. Our students help by planning on activities, interacting with children, telling about their faith, teaching discipline, and loving the students. This trip allows our students to see consistency in missions and be part of something greater than themselves through the love of Jesus Christ. Fill out application linked below.


Don't wait! Apply for an FBC KPT College Scholarship today. All you need to do is fill out the form and be a member. It really is that easy. Fill out the application linked below.


Apply today for our summer internship working with children and youth! Fill out the application linked below.

Individuals working with children are required to pass a secure background check.

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